Notable Achievements: Focus on Women

Fall Quarter, 2017

Thursday mornings, 9:30-11:30 a.m.

C. Notable Achievements: Focus on Women

Faculty from various departments

Norris University Center

A list of history’s most notable and often ground-breaking achievements by women is fascinating for its length and broad diversity of fields of endeavor.  These accomplishments often required overcoming great obstacles in a male-dominated world. In literature, many women have written poignantly about the human condition, while others have been tenacious pioneers in addressing gender inequalities, human rights issues, and abuses of power. In the fine arts, women for several centuries have composed stirring music and lyrics; created original and thought-provoking dramatic productions; and painted exquisite works that greatly influenced their respective genres. Still other women have achieved pre-eminent success in fields of science, law, business, sports, politics and public service. This lecture series will explore the lives and extraordinary achievements of selected women whose passion and determination made a difference in the world