Kimberly Huynh, Graduate Fellow

Graduate Fellowship, 2014

Kimberly Huynh, received a Bachelor of Science in environmental engineering from the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science, in June 2014. Entering Northwestern University, Kimberly was invited to be a Murphy Scholar, an honor awarded to the top 16 engineering freshmen. She notes that “her passion is water” and her interest lies in water management and public health. For three years, she led Project Thirst, an effort to improve drinking water for a community in northern Chile, both managing a $10,000 budget and securing more than $20,000 in grants. Kimberly has done original and creative research in fluid mechanics recognized by several honors and awards. Her professor comments that “it is really incredible and a great tribute to Kimberly that she won such honors at both the largest undergraduate research conference in the area and at a major water conference (the Illinois Section of the American Water Works Association).” She is described as “clearly focused on being an environmental scientist.” Kimberly is studying for a master's degree in mechanical engineering at the McCormick School.