Wajeeha Malik, Graduate Fellow, 2021

Graduate Fellowship, 2021

Wajeeha Malik, from Islamabad, Pakistan, received her BS in Journalism in 2017 from Northwestern University, Qatar (NU-Q). As an undergraduate, she was managing editor of the campus newspaper, the Daily Q, and was selected for a highly competitive residency at National Geographic. After graduating, she returned to Pakistan where she has devoted herself to reporting on underrepresented issues. Her work has been published in various outlets, including Al Jazeera, which carried her report on the dissolution of colonial-era laws in Pakistan’s Northern tribal areas. This work was supported by a competitive fellowship from the South Asian Journalists Association. In addition to her work as a freelance journalist, Wajeeha has also started a small creative agency that focuses on hiring women and minorities, helping open doors for other young graduates. She is dedicated to supporting the next generation of journalists in Pakistan, where she has created and presented free courses on basic journalism techniques and writing methods at various universities. Wajeeha will pursue a Master’s degree in Journalism at Medill.