The American Crisis 1763-1787: "These Are the Times That Try Men's Souls"

Spring Quarter, 2017

Tuesday afternoons, 12:45-2:45 p.m. Norris University Center

Laurence Schiller, retired Lecturer, History

The American Revolution is perhaps the most studied, misunderstood, and mythologized event in American history.  Throughout succeeding centuries, Americans of different political views have sought to mold the meaning, if any, of the Revolution to their own political agenda, reflecting the state of their society in their era and ignoring the reality of the 18th century.  This course will examine various voices and viewpoints from the turbulent years of rebellion, examining specfic topics on how the American colonists came to throw off allegiance to the foremost empire in the world, and then go on to create a Constitution which would provide a framework for Americans to slowly move their primary allegiance from their state to the national state.