3 Actors, 9 Plays

Fall Quarter, 2019

Tuesdays 12:45 p.m. - 2:45 p.m.

B. 3 Actors, 9 Plays

Cindy Gold, Professor, Theatre Henry Godinez, Professor, Theatre Mary Poole, Sr. Lecturer, Associate Chair, Theatre

The three of us are teachers and researchers, but we’re also practicing actors. How does that define the way we read and consider a play’s text? Producers, directors, and critical theorists have very specific points of view they apply to a play, sometimes quite limited in scope. Our students always attempt to find out “what the play means” or judge if it is a “good or a bad” play. The professional actor’s job, however, is to explore and describe a play through performance, by embodying the characters’ behavior and actions. Join us as we read, perform, and experience together, these nine remarkable plays.

If you’d like to come prepared for class, please read the plays listed in our course brochure. Any edition is fine.  You can find the plays at your local library, book store, or purchase on-line.


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