The Alumnae Lyceum: Spotlights on the Past and Present

Fall Quarter, 2023

Tuesdays 9:30 - 11:00 a.m. Norris University Center beginning September 26


The Alumnae Lyceum: Spotlights on the Past and Present

Following the 19th century American Lyceum tradition for public education, the Alumnae Continuing Education program is offering a nine-week eclectic lecture series on a range of engaging topics. Several of the lectures will explore historic events from the past which continue to resonate into today’s social and political discourse. Other classes will provide perspectives and analyses on topics of timely public interest, focusing on political, scientific, and economic issues, both national and global.

The course will feature outstanding faculty from various schools and departments within the university.

Registration will open on August 15, 2023.  Go to


**Disclaimer: The Alumnae of Northwestern University is not responsible for the content of linked pages provided by those who teach in its Continuing Education program.**