Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and You

Fall Quarter, 2018

Thursday afternoons, 12:45-2:45 p.m. Norris University Center

D. Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and You

Faculty from various departments


Professors from Engineering, Computer Sciences, and Social Policy

will cover a variety of topics related to the past, present, and future of




Hi Everyone, 

I'm looking forward to speaking at the last lecture in the series of "Robotics, AI, and You."   

Given that this is the last lecture of the quarter, I wonder if you have questions/thoughts about the material you’ve heard about over the last 10 weeks.  Please feel free to post any questions and comments at thewebsite here (the full link is also below).   You can also please feel free to indicate if there are any topics that more than one presenter has already discussed, or if there are videos you’ve already seen multiple times.   I can’t promise to address all your questions and ideas, but perhaps I can touch on a few.      

Here is the link in case it didn't come through above: 

See you on Thursday, 
Mitra Hartmann 

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