Emma Cripe, Graduate Fellow

Graduate Fellowship, 2017

Emma Cripe , who will receive her BS in Biomedical Engineering in June, has been concurrently enrolled in the Masters in  Mechanical Engineering program since last fall.  She will receive her degree in December, 2017.  She is Vice President of the Biomedical Engineering Society and a mentor in the Society of Women Engineers.  During the summers she has had design and engineering experience studying in Denmark and working at a research and design firm in Chicago.  She was a key member of her senior design program for Lurie Children’s Hospital where she helped develop a prototype respiratory pacemaker in collaboration with the Center for Automatic Medicine in Pediatrics.  Her professor described the project as “most complex design prototype” he had seen in twenty three years of advising projects. “To have developed a design, built a prototype and tested it in animals within an academic year would be stunning if it were a team of PhD students.” Stacey’s own experiences with injury as well as her experience at Lurie have guided her toward a career in designing medical device.