Maya Blumovitz, Graduate Fellow

Graduate Fellowship Recipient, 2023

Maya Blumovitz, currently living in the Chicago area, pursuing a master’s degree in computer science, with a focus on medical technology. She is on the Dean's List with High Honors. Maya came to Northwestern following a unique path. In her personal statement she shared the many moves her family made living in three countries and two states before she even started high school. While in Israel she served in the Military Intelligence Corps as a manager of Satellite Based Foreign Relations. In the words of one of her Northwestern instructors, Sara Owsley Sood, "Maya is one of those students who make teaching an absolute joy, given the excitement and curiosity she exhibits toward learning, her incredible initiative, and her capacity to apply what she learns to the ‘real world’. I have no doubt that she will take advantage of every opportunity and apply her knowledge to address complex challenges." 2 Professor Sarah Van Wart adds, "Maya is part of the Northwestern Computer Science Ethics Fellow Program, an initiative that came out of another course I taught called Computing Ethics and Society, which was supported by an Alumnae Curriculum Innovation Grant."