Reanna Williams, Graduate Fellow

Graduate Fellowship, 2021

Reanna Williams, from Anderson, IN, received a BA in Psychology from Northwestern in 2015, and a BS in Nursing from Marian University in 2017. After completing her degrees, she worked for several years as a registered nurse (first with pediatric stem cell transplant patients, 2 then in a pediatric ICU) before enrolling in the Physician Assistant Master’s Program in the Feinberg School of Medicine. She quickly distinguished herself in that program, becoming class president. In this leadership role, she has been a champion for diversity, implementing a new Diversity Chair in the physician assistant student organization, creating opportunities to learn about PA Black history during Black History Month, and recruiting the National Society of Black Physician Assistants to speak at Northwestern. She is committed to mentorship as well, working to build relationships with Chicago Public Schools to educate high school students about her profession, and spearheading a program for physician assistant students to connect with undergraduate students interested in healthcare careers. Reanna will complete her Master’s degree in Medical Science degree in May 2022.